Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By accepting a quotation from us or by using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Cardiff Window Cleaning LTD & Cardiff Window Cleaning Franchisees.

Cardiff Window Cleaning LTD is an owner operated company that also manages independent franchise owners who are permitted to trade under the Cardiff Window Cleaning name. These terms and conditions apply when using the services of either Cardiff Window Cleaning LTD or its independent franchisees.

Payment Terms

If you require any one off service we require full payment on completion of the job carried out.
For regular window cleaning services we require payment within 5 days of the cleaning date. We except Bacs Payment, Card Payment on the day or Cheque payment on the day or by post within 5 days.


Due to the advanced methods of cleaning we use we are able to work in all weathers, therefore weather conditions are not an acceptable reason to postpone our services. We offer an all year round regular services regardless of weather conditions.


We do not accept liability for damages caused by decorative or structural defects at your property such as, but not limited to, ill-fitting windows doors, fascia’s, guttering, window trims, loose stuck on lead, decorative bars stuck on windows, rotten wooden frames, flaking paint, water ingress from gaps in windows and door frames, deterioration of rubber window seals causing window fog etc.

Scratched window sills – Over time your UPVC window sills will naturally oxidise and lose their colour. When cleaning your window frames and sills we use purpose made soft plastic brushes with soft nylon bristles which may remove some of the oxidation. What may sometimes appear as scratches are in fact just where the grey oxidation has been moved. We will not be able to restore your windows to ‘as new’ condition.

Scratched glass – The soft nylon brushes we use are specifically designed for cleaning glass and UPVC without causing damage. We are so confident of this that if you feel that we have scratched your glass we will bring one of our brushes for you to inspect for yourself, and ask if you can scratch the glass for yourself. If you succeed in doing so we will pay for the glass to be replaced.

48 Hour Guarantee – After we have cleaned your windows the cleaner will leave a calling card. If you are not 100% satisfied we will call back and re-clean any windows for free within the first 48 hour period. We will not be able to offer this service for any complaints outside of the initial 48 hour period.

By sharing your details with Cardiff Window Cleaning LTD you agree to your details being shared with our franchisees and for the work to be carried out by one of our franchisees. Our franchisees run their own businesses and are responsible for their own Insurance.



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